Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Overheard in Funkytown

As I waited for an elevator outside a composition classroom:

  • Teacher: "Remember the salad analogy for the essay. The essay is a salad, and the works cited page is the croutons.

As I walked through the effing cold to my car:

  • Nimrod: "I thought I did great on it, but she gave me a 65."


Chicky Wang said...

This morning one of my students said, in the manner of a jaded New Yorker:

"Someone threw a grape at my grade school and we weren't allowed to have recess for two weeks. We had to raise our hands to ask to throw away our trash."

Wanda Ball said...

Your labels crack me up. "Nimrod"? "Croutons"? "Salad"?

Michael Cowgill said...

Chicky Wang, as I read your comment, I imagined a person driving (could be walking or biking, too) past a grade school and violently hurling a grape at it, adding another layer of hilarity to the whole thing.