Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Maybe it's the concussion talking

So, as several of you have pointed out to me, I haven't updated the blog in a while. Below is a list of reasons I haven't been posting. You may choose to believe any or all of them. But you have to choose.

  • I've been praying very hard for God to lighten the earth of a religious blowhard. Finally worked.
  • I had an incomplete grade to take care of.
  • I think of my blog as an extension of my penis. And, um, well. . .
  • I've been busy reading for comps.
  • I think of my blog as an extension of my hair. And, um, well. . .
  • I'm going to be in Prague this summer, and I've been getting various things done in preparation.
  • Have you seen Planet Unicorn?
  • Seriously, have you seen Planet Unicorn?
  • Bill Simmons's columns have been better lately.
  • Two words: Blitz Scrabble. (Which leads to lots more words.) Addictive like spearmints. No, like heroin spearmints.
  • I've been watching the Prank War and waiting for one of these guys to murder the other. (If you go watch the videos, watch the oldest one first.
  • I just haven't felt like it, okay?
  • I got clip-on fingernails, and typing is much more difficult now.


Wanda Ball said...

I vote for the last reason. Congrats on the first.

Chicky Wang said...

Does this mean you've been reading for comps 5% of the time?