Sunday, July 01, 2007

Crazy in Prague

What does Crazy Little Thing look like after 36 hours awake (that's zero minutes of sleep, people), three layovers, a supposedly two-hour walking tour that became an incredibly long three hours, and two very tall Czech beers?

(Please note: double chin added and beard thinned in Photoshop.) I think the best description comes from a sticker on the Metro, advertising a beatbox competition. The entire sticker was in Czech, except for the following phrase: "Battle Shit in the Hell."


Chicky Wang said...

Traveling smnaveling. Niiiiiice blogging though. Nice to get to see CZ sheets.

Anonymous said...

Yak-shee-maas! Brag dawg velly nai-ce: Ee lak theem laiser eyes. Wouldz lak to laiser you, Crasie Thang, eef you know whad I meen: de laiser faire, heh heh, furry nai-ce!