Tuesday, March 04, 2008

What I learned while voting

  1. When I renewed my driver's license on my birthday in January, the good people at the BMV left a vowel out of my last name. So the woman looking for my name in the precinct book couldn't find it, and I had to show several other pieces of identification to prove that my last name is not, in fact, [REDACTED].
  2. One of the people volunteering at my precinct's table didn't trust me because I signed my name left-handed. Why? In a long story (that the other volunteers interrupted several times) he explained that he'd been beaten up by a southpaw in junior high. Additional fun fact: he was in junior high before I was born.
  3. No democrats are running for county sheriff. I find this amazing since our sheriff (who has been elected and re-elected to the seat since 1988) is a) nuts and b) crazy.
  4. John Edwards is still on the ballot. I felt a little wistful.


Anonymous said...

And when walking into the poll, in coat, hat, scarf, and umbrella, all dripping wet, and one of the volunteers shouts "Woo! There's a woman who knows somthing," the best thing to do is not wonder what he means by that or make any signal that you heard him, but to just walk right past.

Chicky Wang said...

duly noted, my friend.