Thursday, March 09, 2006

Me hungry, want to eat women

Milky Way currently has a tv ad in which a man, having been dumped by a woman at her door, goes to his car to eat a candy bar. He unwraps the candy bar, and inside is the torso of a buxom woman. At first, he's unmoved by the woman. In the version I saw most recently, she whispers something in his ear, and he laughs. We see the Milky Way logo, and when we return to the car, the woman is a candy bar, and the man takes a big bite.

--Did Snickers make this ad? Who wants to associate himself with the guy who gets rejected, then fantasizes his candy bar is a better-looking woman and eats his fantasy? Did the ad guys not see the Seinfeld where George Costanza tries to mix sex and food?

--Is anybody else more than a little creeped out by that image of male fantasy?

--Why am I so hungry?


Anonymous said...

"buxom" means "obedient," not busty.

Sorry, Anglo-Saxon quibble.

I have no idea how this has come to mean "busty." For instance, into the early modern period, a woman promised to be "bonny and buxom at bed and at board." This is before silicone, so she wasn't promising to grow bigger tits, you know, just to be agreeable at the table and for sex.


Crazy Little Thing said...

Point taken, though I don't think there's any going back at this point--buxom means what it means. But this does, in part, answer Bush's eternal question, "Is your children learning?" The answer? If your child is Grand Moff Texan, yes.

Though if she was promising to grow bigger tits...