Saturday, March 03, 2007

JPG's Up All Night!

So here I am, awake with adrenaline, tea steeping, wife heading to bed. It's time to write all night.

How I got here:

  • Napped this afternoon.
  • Felt the adrenaline already starting at dinner (rice instead of pasta, no heavy carbs to weigh me down), so I calmed myself down.
  • Watched John Sayles' Lone Star with my wife. What a great movie.
  • Showered. Brushed my teeth.
  • Jeans, no pajamas for me.

The dangers of writing at night, as I've tried to prep for them, are darkness, sleepiness, and comfort. Here's how I'm combating them:

  • Artificial light. Big medusa lamp, five bulbs, behind my head. One bulb at the other end of the couch.
  • Caffeine. Tea steeping. First cup, chai with vanilla. Two bags.
  • Leg pain. That's the real reason I slipped on the ice a couple of weekends ago, so I'd be able to stay up. It's sore, and I'll put an ice pack on it later. That'll perk me up.

I think that's all that's worthy of note for now. Let's get this party started. Where's Joe Bob Briggs?

Update: Don't forget to check out the progress of the three amigos: Chevy Chase, Martin Short, and Steve Martin.

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Michael Cowgill said...

Lone Star, one of my favorite movies by one of my favorite director/writers. Glad I'm not Chevy Chase.