Sunday, March 04, 2007

So much for no interruptions

I'm getting sleepy but hanging in. I'm on my second cup of tea. But it turns out writing at night has its distractions.

  1. My next door neighbors. The husband can't smoke inside, so when he goes outside to puff away (where it's 28 effing degrees and "feels like" 17, according to Yahoo@#$% Weather), his friends go with him. Apparently they think it's difficult to be heard on the porch.
  2. My dog. She's in the other room zonked out, but occasionally she whines in her dreams. It's damn cute and also distracting.


James Patrick Green said...

Okay, another way this isn't like the MacDowell artist colony. Or is it?

Crazy Little Thing said...

Well, I am sharing a doobie with Michael Chabon right now...