Sunday, March 04, 2007

Write all night update

All quiet on the western front. Distraction-wise, anyway. But I'm writing--in two hours, six-plus pages. And since I haven't written in over two weeks (long story), I'm pleased. I'm amazed I made it this long.

Side note: I got a new laptop in December, and it only came with a trial version of Microsoft Word. And the fucker ended two days ago, so I've had to switch to writing in MS Works Word Processor. It's amazing how much that little difference makes. I'd been so used to the way the screen looked that all these little differences keep catching my eye. But Monday I can buy a cheap version of Word at school and get back to normal.

Back to work. I'm not sure how realistic dawn is. I had to break out the icepack for a jolt.


James Patrick Green said...

Six pages is a good night. I'm not sleepy, but my eyes are playing tricks on me. The word verifications on these comments screens are making me dizzy.

Michael Cowgill said...

Same thing happened to me when I bought a laptop a few years ago. Guy at the store did not tell me that when I said, "And it comes with Word?" I went ahead and paid for the upgrade right away. Hate...Works.

James Patrick Green said...

Slick of Microsoft to make a word processing program inferior to the one everyone is familiar with.

I'm "working" with Works right now. The little things make a big difference. I keep hearing Macs are the way to go, especially with word processing.