Friday, June 16, 2006

Breakfast, coffee, vandalism

My wife and I woke up to find that, during the night, vandals took two of the planters in our front yard and smashed them in our next-door neighbor's yard. What the hell? Why do this? As I was cleaning it up, my neighbor from across the street came over and told me that it happened around 1:30 am. The noise woke him up, and because his wife's car was parked on the street, he thought someone was fucking with the car. When he turned on his porch light, the kids ran.

So if you see two white teenaged males with short blond hair today, smack them upside the head for me.


Wanda Ball said...

Bummer. Kids are so fucking weird. Why can't they just mope in their room and listen to Pink Floyd the way I did?

Wanda Ball said...

PS I saw Ann Coulter for a second on Leno the other night. What a freak. She has this permanently alarmed expression on her face, like she's either had a bad eyebrow lift or she realized she just let rip a giant one.

Coral said...

Ooh--I watched with sick fascination, and with the hope that George Carlin would just deck her. My favorite moment was her answer to Leno's question about her use of the term "broads" to describe the 9/11 widows: "men use the term all the time." Ad populum! Go feminism! Sigh.