Tuesday, June 13, 2006

J.J. Redick had a bad night

My favorite poet, J.J. Redick, got arrested last night for a DWI. After rolling on the floor and gnashing my teeth, I managed to pull it together long enough to write a poetry parody. In honor of Gerard Manley Hopkins' "God's Grandeur."

Duke’s Grandeur

J.J. is charged with driving while drunk;
   He did flame out, like bricking from jump shots;
   He gathers to a sadness, like the reek of shots
Breathed. Why will teams now draft this punk?

Coach Krzyzewski will cry, will cry, will cry—
   No, wait, that’s Redick, bleared, smeared with booze;
   He wears Zima’s smudge and shares the smell; the ruse
Is up now—Duke is not great, it is a lie.

And for all this, J.J. is never spent;
   His mug shot’s up but he will cry in verse,
And like lacrosse, no, he will not repent.
   At least he didn’t throw it in reverse.
His eyes were “very glassy,” and he went
   And u-turned from the cops—what could be worse?


Soggy Bear said...

I think we'll have to do this with the ten year olds -- thinking about rhyme you know. They LOOOOVE to rhyme.

Mary said...

As a former English major and soon-to-be teacher, your parody poem is quite impressive. Hopkins' literary devices are astounding, and how you can make a great parody of his poem speaks volumes to your poetic ability. My favorite of his poems is "The Windhover" though.

Becky D said...

Just did a commercial for "revolution remodeling" Do you live in Ohio?