Thursday, June 22, 2006

Go read a literary magazine

The July/August issue of Poetry is their humor issue, and I'm happy to tell you to go buy it. Not only do I know two of the contributors, but unlike the last humor issue, this one is actually really funny. I haven't read the whole issue, but it includes some real gems, including:
  • X.J. Kennedy's brilliant parodies.
  • Dean Young beginning poems with laugh-out-loud funny lines, then veering into nearly incomprehensible synaptic leaps.
  • Joan Murray rewriting "We Real Cool" to hilarious effect.
  • Peter Kane Dufault's painful, and intentionally so, poem about Guantanamo.
The prose is less entertaining, though it has its moments. I'm hoping they keep the humor issue as a tradition; it's nice to see a mix of comic poems that seem both light and lasting. Plus, they nailed the cover. Moral: go get the humor issue.


Soggy Bear said...

I'm sold on your endorsement. (Nothing is worse than bad "funny" poetry. May as well write about death and herpes.)

Wanda Ball said...

You say that like death is a bad thing.