Friday, April 28, 2006

How to reach me

As the Angry Professor at A Gentleman's C did recently, I'm including here a list of recent search terms that led people to my blog:

my wife fuck soldier fantasy
is it illegal to masturbate in a restroom
how would i cite a quote from the declaration of independence
atheist banana clip
fatter people
intellectual fun

The sad thing is that, except for the first one, I understand how each would get a reader here.


Soggy Bear said...

Oh CLTCB, Wanda has about 2-5 hits a day looking for porn. So, you know.

Wanda Ball said...

It's all true. "Sonmom film" is my # 1 search term. Don't ask.

Soggy Bear said...

Hm. My latest long google search is:
"men who sit in paneled offices and think about vacations and tell women whose care it is to feed children." Yep. Perhaps I should oblige with an entry about that very topic.